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A religious movement in the lineage of Sekai Kyūseikyō, founded by Katsunuma Hisako (1927-), who married into a farming household and became a member of Sekai Kyūseikyō when she was healed of heart disease in 1969. Katsunuma developed paranormal powers and attracted followers, but as a result she was also subjected to malicious gossip.
The group claims that the deity Amaterasu ōmikami descended into Katsunuma in January 1974 and took on the role of her protector. Moreover, in May of the same year, a "dragon jewel" from the married pair of "heavenly dragon deities" was placed in her chest, while in July of that year she had the experience of being guided to the spirit world by the spirit of Okada Mokichi (founder of Sekai Kyūseikyō), where she encountered the Buddha Shakyamuni and Jesus, and was given a mission by Amaterasu to save the world. She claimed her hand was grasped by Amaterasu, at which point her whole body became hot and Amaterasu said to her, "I am the sun, and now I have placed this sun into your body." Moreover, as a result of this revelation, she became independent of the Sekai Kyūseikyō's Iida branch and in March of the following year (1975), established her own group called Jieidō.
Katsunuma's teaching is focused on what she calls the "Sun faith of Miroku (Miroku no taiyō shinkō) (Miroku: Skt., the future Buddha), namely a way of salvation that claims that the sun is the center of the cosmos, while the center of the earth is Japan, and that while the sun goddess Amaterasu is the foremost deity, in the spirit world she is united with Shakyamuni the Buddha and Jesus. Moreover, she also warns that in the near future a "baptism of fire" will occur to cleanse modern-day humanity, who have become estranged from this teaching. Katsunuma travels around Japan carrying out proselytizing activities designed to teach people how to alleviate earthquake damage, and how to overcome illness and the coming baptism of fire.
Headquarters: Nagano Prefecture
Nominal membership: Approximately 70, 000 (S)

— Isooka Tetsuya

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