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Tsuchimikado Yasutomi
Text (1655-1717)
Scholar of the way of Yin-Yang (onmyō), and Shintoist of the mid-Edo period, who formulated and integrated Tsuchimikado Shintō. He is generally thought to have been born on the twentieth day of the sixth month, 1655, but one theory holds that he was actually born on the eighteenth day of the sixth month, 1653. Formally he is regarded the son of Abe no Yasuhiro, twenty-first generation descendant of Abe no Seimei, the ancestor of the Tsuchimikado lineage, but in truth he was the son of Takatoshi, the younger brother of Yasuhiro.
Tsuchimikado Yasutomi entered the private school of Yamazaki Ansai (1618-82) and there studied Suika Shintō, which he incorporated into Yin-Yang theory, thus creating the Tsuchimikado Shintō doctrine. During the mid-Edo period, the Kōtokui house was the officially sanctioned lineage of Yin-Yang scholars, but Tsuchimikado Yasutomi was able to win this position for the Tsuchimikado. In 1682, he was appointed by the court as Head of the Yin-Yang Office, and by imperial permission obtained authority to control and grant licenses to Yin-Yang practitioners throughout the provinces. In this way he firmly established his lineage as hereditary heads of Yin-Yang, and the school of Tsuchimikado Shintō thus took systematized form. Tsuchimikado was awarded Junior Third rank at court in 1698, and later, received Junior Second rank. He died on the seventeenth day of the sixth month, 1717 at the age of sixty three. See also Tsuchimikado Shintō.

—Inoue Nobutaka

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