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Tokoyo Nagatane
Text (1832-86)
An early Meiji-era scholar of National Learning (kokugaku) of the Hirata school. Born in 1832, Tokoyo lived in Mibu, Tsuga District, Shimotsuke Province (present-day Mibu-chō, Tochigi Prefecture). He name was first Tokozumi Keikichi, but he later changed it to Tokoyo Nagatane. He became a posthumous disciple of Hirata Atsutane in 1866, and after the Meiji Restoration, he served as a Shinto Religious Instructor (senkyōshi; see taikyō senpu). Subsequently he was appointed as a priest (shinkan) at the shrine Shiba Daijingū, Associate Secretary at the Ministry of Religious Education (Kyōbushō), a clerk of Yamagata Prefectural Office, and Head of the Yamagata Prefectural Chapter of the religious group Jingūkyō. He was dismissed from this last post, however, due to disagreements with Tanaka Yoritsune, Superintendent (kanchō) of Jingūkyō.
Although his accomplishments are insignificant as a scholar of National Learning and as a Shinto or religious public servant, his memoir Shinkyō soshiki monogatari (Tale of the Organization of Kami Religion) is an important reference for research on the history of Shinto and its religious administration in early Meiji. He died in 1886, at the age of fifty-five. His other writings include Jingikan enkaku monogatari (History of the Department of Divinities), and Taikyōin kōryū shidaiki (The Rise of the Taikyōin).

—Sakamoto Koremaru

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