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Kyōha Shintō Rengōkai
A prewar federation of movements of sect Shinto. Its predecessor was the Shintō Dōshikai (lit: "Society of Shinto Collegues"), which was organized in 1895. When established, the Dōshikai was composed of the eight sects Kurozumikyō, Jingūkyō, Taishakyō (now known as Izumo Ōyashirokyō), Fusōkyō, Jikkōkyō, Taiseikyō, Shinshūkyō, and Ontakekyō. In 1899 Shinrikyō, Misogikyō, and Shintō (Honkyōku) were also incorporated into the organization, which changed its name to Shintō Konwakai. Then Jingūkyō was reorganized as Jingū Hōseikai and left the Konwakai. Konwakai's activities included promoting discussions about government religious policies. From 1904 onwards, cooperation between the member sects became closer, and in 1912 the organization became known as the Shintō Kyōha Rengōkai, followed in 1931 by a name change to Kyōha Shintō Rengōkai. The Rengōkai continued to function after World War II, and Ōmoto, which had not been a member before the war, joined it in 1956, while Tenrikyō left in 1970. At present twelve groups are members of the Rengōkai, including Izumo Ōyashirokyō, Ōmoto, Ontakekyō, Kurozumikyō, Konkōkyō, Jikkōkyō, Shinshūkyō, Shintō Shūseiha, Shintō Taikyō, Shinrikyō, Fusōkyō, and Misogikyō. The organization's main focus is to foster good relations and interactions between its member groups In 1991, it established a young people's association (Seinenkai) with the aim of carrying out further activities, and began to publish a newsletter titled Musubi. The organization is also known by its abbreviated name, the Kyō-ha-ren.

- Inoue Nobutaka

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