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Ōmoto Hikari no Michi
A new religion established by Hōkan Meikyō (1923-) based on Ōmoto and Sekai Kyūseikyō elements. In 1952, Ikeuchi Kazuhide (1895-1971) the then-head of Sekai Kyūseikyō's Toyooka Shirogami branch claimed a visitation from the spirit of Deguchi Nao, the original founder of Ōmoto. According to this revelation, the location of the Toyooka branch was the "great origin" (ōmoto). In 1955 Ikeuchi claimed that the founder of Sekai Kyūseikyō, Okada Mokichi (1882-1955), (known within the movement as Jikan Meishu) had stated that his spiritual lineage would move to the same location. In response, Ikeuchi established the Hikari Kyōkai at Shirogami in Toyooka, and from 1961 onwards took on for himself the divine name Hōkan Shukō. Midway through the 1950s Okada Toshihiro, the movement's present leader, left Ōmoto and joined the Hikari Kyōkai, but after Hōkan Shukō's death in 1971, the arrival and departure of numerous spiritual mediums (reinōsha) caused disruption to the movement's activities. In 1979, Okada, who had for a time given up activi participation in religious activities, returned to reform the group under the new name Hikari no Michi. Since that time its practices have been based on the three pillars of spirit sight (reishi), divine oracles (shingen) and spiritual mediation and interlocution (saniwa). After experiencing numerous name changes, group fixed its name in 1980 as Ōmoto Hikari no Michi, while Okada assumed the name Hōan Meikyō. In 1986 it was legally registered as a religious corporation.
   Ōmoto Hikari no Michi claims that is the spiritual lineage and heir of the will of the creator deity, and teaches of a spiritual linkage between ten holy figures, including Confucius, the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Nakayama Miki, Hiroike Chikurō, Deguchi Nao, Deguchi Onisaburō, Jikan Meishu, and Hōkan Shukō, who are known as the "divine stream of Ōmoto." Hōkan Meikyō has inherited this line and seeks to make the will of the creator deity known in this world through the practices of jōrei (spiritual healing) and kinmei reikaku (spiritual insight), and to realize a paradise on earth.
Headquarters: Hyōgo Prefecture
Nominal membership: 560.

- Tsushiro Hirofumi

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