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A Shinto-derived new religion founded by Hashiguchi Reizui (1879-1963). Hashiguchi was born in Kagoshima City and worked as an official in the post and telegraphic services. Following the case of high treason revolving around socialist and anarchist Kōtoku Shūsui in 1910, he began to feel the necessity of disseminating ancient Japanese spirituality. In 1928 he established the moral training organization Kamunagarakai ("Association of the way of the deities") and began activities whose aim was to educate young people and cultivate artistic feelings among them. Reportedly receiving a divine revelation in 1932, Reizui and two others were detained on suspicion of lèse majesté in 1936 and his activities were temporarily restricted. In 1951 the movement was registered under the Religious Corporations Ordinance with the name Ishinkyō Sōhonchō, and in 1954 it achieved the status of a religious corporation under the Religious Corporations Law, adopting the name Ishinkyō. In 1963 the founder died and his grandson Hashiguchi Reijō (given name Masayoshi, 1933-) succeeded him as the movement's second sacred teacher (seishi). Reijō, a graduate of Kagoshima University's Department of Humanities and Sciences, began religious activities in earnest after assuming office, and in 1975 established the movement's youth section and implemented plans to activate proselytizing activities.
Headquarters:Kagoshima Prefecture
Nominal membership: Approximately 4200.

- Inoue Nobutaka

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