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1 The Shinto Cultivation Program as seen in Shaji Torishirabe Ruisan The volume Shaji Torishirabe Ruisan [A Compilation of Documents of the Religious Reform in the Meiji Period] is a valuable historical document providing insight into the religious administration of the early Meiji government during the days of its Kyōbushō , or Ministry of Religi...
2 The Will of the Kami and the Role of the Sa'niwa #N/A
3 What is there in the way of Shinto education? Among religious schools in Japan, Christian schools exist in by far the largest numbers, with Buddhist schools a distant second. In contrast, only a handful of Shinto schools exist. In addition to Kōgakkan University and Kokugakuin University, which are the only four-year Shinto ...
4 Words with a ‘life' of their own #N/A