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  • 4. Jinja (Shrines)
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  • Shrine Architecture
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1 Tōrō A fixed lantern or lamp found either within a shrine's precincts ( keidaichi ) or one of the shrine structures, and used as a place to offer votive lights to the shrine. Lamps and lanterns were originally a fixture of Buddhist temples before being adopted at Shinto shrines as well. ...
2 Yamamiya, Satomiya "Mountain shrine" and "village shrine." In cases where a shrine complex is composed of multiple sanctuaries, the one located at the top or midway up the side of a mountain is called the yamamiya (mountain shrine), while the one located at the foot of the mountai...
3 § History and Typology of Shrine Architecture History and Typology of Shrine Architecture Because shrine grounds or precincts ( keidai ) are considered sacred areas, a boundary of some kind is used to demarcate the shrine grounds from the secular world. The road or path approaching the shrine generally features one or more ritu...