Basic Terms of Shinto 神道基本用語集

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Jingû Kôgakukan
Text Educational institution located in Ise. Established in 1882 by order of Prince Tomohiko, saishu of the Grand Shrine of Ise (Ise no Jingû), Jingû Kôgakukan was located within the Hayashizaki Library, and provided education for the sons of shrine priests.

In 1903, it was placed under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Home Affairs (Naimushô) and became a government school administered by the Jingû Shichô; it was located at Kuradayama in the city of Uji Yamada. It trained many leaders in the fields of Shinto and education until it was closed at the end of World War II as a result of the policy enforcing separation of church and state. The institution was reopened as a private university in 1952 when Ise no Jingû established a course of study for the priesthood; courses in Japanese studies were also established in 1955.