Basic Terms of Shinto 神道基本用語集

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Tendai Shintô,Sannô ichijitsu Shintô
Text Also called Sannô Ichijitsu Shintô or Hie Shintô. Said to have been established by Saichô (767-822), the founder of the Tendai sect of Buddhism in Japan, but actually a later development. The Tendai sect has its headquarters on Mt Hiei in Shiga Prefecture, and the god Sannô (Mountain King) said to occupy the mountain, was viewed as a manifestation of Sakyamuni Buddha appeared to spread Buddhism in Japan. Sannô was likewise identified with Amaterasu Ômikami, the supreme goddess of the native Shinto religion. The Tôshôgû at Nikkô is a famous shrine associated with Tendai Shintô.