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カテゴリー1: 9. Texts and Sources
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This is a collection of research into the various shrines recorded in Engishiki (shikinaisha) in nine volumes with one appended set of charts. Tokugawa Yoshinao, the founder of the Owari Clan, compiled this work in 1646. Arranged in order of the deities' names, it investigates and elucidates the divine genealogy of the deities worshipped at each shrine. Important shrines not included in the Engishiki list are included at the end of each province's section. The investigation quotes from the classic texts like the Six Official Histories, Shakunihongi, Gengenshū, Nihon shoki sanso and others. Yoshinao was deeply influenced by Hayashi Razan, and in this work he criticizes the amalgamation of Shinto with Buddhism and other radical heresies, and the reader gets the impression that he is attempting to uncover the way shrines existed in their original state. The manuscript is in the possession of Hōsa Bunko. A reprint is found in Jingi zensho, part two (Kōten kōkyūsho, 1907).
— Ban Isoshirō

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