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Text (Tamaki Masahide)
Collection of the Jewelled Bamboo Slips. Eight fascicles. A record of secret transmissions of Suika Shintō teachings by Tamaki Masahide, a Suika Shintō scholar who was also deeply versed in Kikke Shintō. This work is believed to have been completed between 1725 and around 1735. As many as one hundred twenty-nine secret teachings are recorded in the work, which arranges and otherwise records teachings, both direct and indirect, on Shintō doctrine and practice from the Suika School founder, Yamazaki Ansai, as well as from Masahide's mentors Ōgimachi Kinmichi and Izumoji Nobunao. Many of the secret transmissions are taken from Shintō works such as Nakatomi no harae(Great Purification Incantations of the Nakatomi Clan) and the Age of Kami chapters of Nihon shoki, with the rest relating to ceremonial issues such as the transfer of kami figures known as shintai to another location (a process known as kanjō). The content of the work, however, was considered to be in conflict with Ansai's intent, and the Suika Shintō scholar Wakabayashi Kyōsai strived to have copies of the text burned. Included in Shintō sōsetsu (1911; reprinted by Yumani Shobō, 1993), and Suika Shintō, vol. 1 (Dai Nippon Bunko Kankō Kai).
— Yazaki Hiroyuki

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