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Text (Kamo no Mabuchi)
This three volume/three book work was completed by Kamo no Mabuchi in 1768. Arakida Hisaoyu titled the published version Noritogoto no kamuga he ; what is popularly known as Noritokōis a copy close to the original but without any of the diacritical marks (kaeriten) used to aid in the reading of classical Chinese. This text is commentary on the norito in Engishiki. In 1746, at the age of fifty, Mabuchi received an order from Tayasu Munetake (1715-71), and wrote the five volumes of Engishikinorito ge. Following this, he substantially revised the text based on more than twenty years of research, finally finished the new work at the age of seventy-two, the year before his death. As the first thorough commentary on the entire body of norito in the Engishiki, the Noritokō has great historical significance as the foundational text for norito research. The text was published by Mabuchi's disciple Arakida Hisaoyu in 1800, more than thirty years after Mabuchi's death. Noritokō is included in Shintō taikei, Koten chūshaku-hen, norito-senmyō chūshaku, and in Kamono Mabuchi Zenshū , vol. 7 (1984, Zoku Gunshoruijyū Kanseikai).
— Motosawa Masafumi

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