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Nihonshoki tsūshaku
Text (Iida Takesato)
This text, comprised of seventy volumes and five books, is a commentary of the entire Nihon shoki written by the National Learning (kokugaku) scholar Iida Takesato and published in 1892. Referring extensively to earlier Edo period commentaries such as the Shoki Shūge written by Kawamura Hidene and his son Masune, and Tanigawa Kotosuga's Nihon shoki tsūshō , the Nihon shoki tsūshaku is meaningful as a compilation of commentaries produced up until the Edo period.  While it can be said that in this text Iida does not present any original scholarship, there are aspects of the text that are of great value. For example, when deciding which texts to include, Iida utilized many different versions of texts that are not to be found in any other commentaries of the time. Another example is that when providing Japanese readings for kanji, Iida uses archaic readings as often as possible. It is included in the Nihon shoki tsūshaku (1986, Tōji Shobō).
— Yazaki Hiroyuki

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