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Shintō myōmoku ruijūshō
Text (Hikita Mochimasa)
A work in six books and six volumes. It is a work that categorizes the terminology of all aspects of the deities of heaven and earth, and then expounds upon these terms; it could even be classified as a dictionary of Shinto. It contains a preface dated the sixth month of 1699. The preface notes that the author is an individual known as "So and so of the Western Castle." Currently, the most persuasive theory concerning this author's identity is on that suggests that the author is Hikita Mochimasa, the head of Watarai Shintō. Volume one deals with shrines, volume two with heavenly treasures, volume three with festival vessels, volume four with the costume of shrine officiators and the deities of heaven and earth, and volume five with festivals and the officials. Volume six is divided into eight categories of miscellany, and the work is interspersed with drawings, and each entry consists of a simple, concise explanation. It is contained in Shintō myōmoku ruijūshō, edited and collated by Saeki Ariyoshi (Ōokayama Shoten, 1934).
— Yazaki Hiroyuki

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