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Text [Tamayori hime](Fudoki)
Tamayorihime (or –bime) is a common noun meaning a divine bride, in other words, a woman who cohabits with a kami and gives birth to his child. Specifically, the daughter of Kamo Taketsunumi and Kamuikakoyahime, and the mother of Kamo Wakeikazuchi no mikoto, who was sired by Honoikazuchi. One of the objects of worship (saijin) enshrined at the Kamo Mioya Shrine. According to a fragmentary passage from the Yamashiro no Kuni fudoki, Tamayorihime was playing along the banks of the Kamo River (also called Ishikawa no Semi no Ogawa) when she picked up a red-lacquered arrow which came floating on the stream. Placing the arrow near her bed, Tamayorihime was impregnated and gave birth to a boy. When the child grew into a young man, his grandfather Kamo Taketsunumi prepared a banquet for him, and suggested that he offer a cup of rice beer to the man whom he believed to be his father. At this, the young man held the cup up toward the sky, then broke through the ceiling and ascended to heaven, whereupon the grandfather named him Kamo Wakeikazuchi (Wakeikazuchi means "divide-thunder," a reference to his ascending to the sky).

Other figures with this name include the Tamayoribime who was the mother of Emperor Jinmu, and the Ikutamayoribime found in the legend of Mount Miwa.

-Mori Mizue

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