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カテゴリー1: 2. Kami (Deities)
カテゴリー2: Kami in Classic Texts
Text [Tagorihime no mikoto] (Nihongi)
Other names: Tagirihime no mikoto(Kojiki)

One of three female kami produced as a result of the trial by pledge (ukei) between Amaterasu and Susanoo. The three became known as the "three goddesses of Munakata" as a result of their enshrinement and worship at the shrine Munakata Taisha by the Munakata clan, and are thus believed to have been sea deities or tutelaries of travel on the Genkai Sea.

The names and order of birth attributed to the three kami differ depending on the source consulted, and it is unclear at which of the three Munakata shrines Tagorihime was originally enshrined. At present, she is enshrined at the Okitsunomiya, following the tradition of Nihongi.

The Munakata clan descends from the same lineage as the Izumo clan, and in Kojiki, Takirihime is described as wedding the kami Ōkuninushi. It is thought that the three goddesses of Munakata were woven into the mythos of Kojiki and Nihongi due to the fact that one of the consorts of Emperor Tenmu, the mother of Prince Takechi, was of Munakata lineage. See also Tagitsuhime and Ichikishimahime.

-Kadoya Atsushi

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