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Minige no shinji
"Throwing the self off rite." A ritual held the night of August 14 at Izumo Shrine in Taisha Town, Hikawa District, Shimane Prefecture. On the evening of August 12, priests (shinshoku) perform ritual ablutions (misogi) on the beach at Inasanohama. The night of the 13th, a procession of priests led by one holding a paper lantern high travels around from the Minato auxiliary shrine (sessha) to Akahito Shrine and Shiokaki Island before returning to the main shrine. This is called michi-mi ("observing the road"). The night of the 14th priests dress in classical-style hunting robes and, carrying canes of fresh bamboo in their right hands and muskets made of makomo grasses in their left, go around to the two shrines in the same manner as they had for the michi-mi the previous night. They arrive at Shiokaki Island and make salt. When they finish, they make for the festival site built by the head ritualist from Izumo Shrine (Izumo kokusō), pay their obeisances, and return to the main shrine. The cooked salt together with rice saved for this purpose are used as food offerings (shinsen) for the tsuma-muki shinji (a rite for greeting demons, lit. "nail pulling rite") on the 15th to celebate a good harvest in advance. The minige no shinji is also spoken of as a kami procession (shinkōsai).
— Mogi Sakae

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