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Text [Yorozuhata toyo akitsushi hime no mikoto](Kojiki)(Nihongi)
Other names:Ame yorozu Takuhatachihatahime, Takuhatachijihime yorozuhatahime no mikoto, Honotohatahimekochijihime no mikoto (Nihongi).

The daughter of Takamimusuhi, and according to an "alternate writing" transmitted by Nihongi, the younger sister of Omoikane. She wed Amenooshihomimi no mikoto, who had been ordered to descend to the Central Land of Reed Plains, but while waiting for the pacification of the Central Land, she gave birth to Ninigi, and he later descended in Oshihomimi's place.

Kojiki and an "alternate writing" in Nihongi also relate the birth of Hoakari no mikoto, elder brother of Ninigi and ancestor of the clan Owari no Muraji. The Nihongi version also states that Amaterasu made Toyoakitsushihime the consort to Oshihomimi. An alternate version of the episode says she was the consort to Amenooshihone no mikoto, while yet another tradition states that Tamayorihime, child of Yorozuhatahime, became consort to Amenooshihone no mikoto and gave birth to Amenokihohookise no mikoto (Ninigi).

The various versions are also inconsistent regarding the title of Ninigi's mother, but they agree in including elements relating to weaving, cloth, and bountiful harvests, and in their depictions of Toyoakitsushihime as a link between the two kami Amaterasu and Takamimusuhi, and the imperial line.

-Mori Mizue

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