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This is a work, in one volume, that lists the fiefs, such as shrine tenants (kanbe), shrine stables, shrine orchards, shrine rice paddies (shinden), and myōden (demesne fields) granted to the Grand Shrines of Ise in the Kamakura period, according to the province in which these were located. Jinpō (神鳳) in the title refers to divine fiefs (神封). The character 鈔 in the title is written 抄 in a few handwritten manuscripts. This work was written around 1360, compiled by a minor official of the Inner Shrine. It appears to have been compiled in anticipation of the rebuilding of the shrine in 1364; this rebuilding (shikinen sengū) occurred every twenty years. It contains a list of the materials for the reconstruction, and a record of the laborers to be employed, as well as the amount of rice needed for the daily meals and the high quality rice that would be needed for the great festival (taisai) that was to be held three times a year. Along with Jingū zassho, Jinpōshō provides basic research material for investigations into territory controlled by the shrine in the medieval period, including control over "shrine districts" (shingun), and the realignment of shrine property. This work is contained in the Jingi section of Gunsho ruijū, and volume six of Jingū kotenseki ei'inshōkan (Kōgakkan University, 1983).
— Shirayama Yoshitarō

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