Basic Terms of Shinto 神道基本用語集

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Text Sacred scriptures. Imperial House Shinto (Kôshitsu Shintô), Shrine Shinto (Jinja Shintô) and folk Shinto (minkan Shintô) are not defined by any specific set of scriptures, but such works as the Kojiki, Nihon shoki, Kogo Shûi, Man'yôshû, and Fudoki have long been considered classic sources of Shinto thought. The Taihôryô (see ritsuryô), Engi shiki, and other legal compilations also provide valuable documentation of ancient Shinto systems and ceremonies. These works contain mythological accounts and historical records concerning matters such as the origin of the world, the birth of the land, the appearance of the gods and of all things in the universe, the establishment of the nation and the relation of the gods to government, ceremonies of worship, manners and customs, and Shinto attitudes and norms. The term shinten sometimes refers to certain portions of the Kojiki, Nihon shoki, Kogo shûi, and Engi shiki, and sometimes to a wider range of works.